Therapeutic Process - Sessions via Video Conference

Sessions last for approximately 1 hour and we aim to meet on a weekly basis on the same day and time that becomes “your slot” for the duration of our work together. Each week we take a few minutes to review how things have moved forward and decide on the focus of the session ahead. Shortly before each session I will email you a link to the “zoom room”.  On the first occasion that you use the link you will be prompted to download a piece of software onto your device, this only takes a few seconds and once it has downloaded it launches automatically and will take you into the “zoom room” where I will be waiting. If you always use the same device you will come straight into the “zoom room” on subsequent occasions. Please arrive promptly in the “zoom room” for your session, if you are late to session you will lose the time as we have to start and finish on time in order not to delay the next person.