Therapeutic Process – Sessions via Email

If you choose to opt for email counselling, we will agree on a set appointment time when I will respond to your email. You can of course still write your part of the email at a time that's most convenient to you, just make sure that you send it to me no later than at the start of our agreed appointment time. Rather than sticking to a specific word limit, I would suggest that you spend an hour writing your email. This way we can ensure that our email exchanges are similar to the process of face to face counselling as much as possible. I will in return spend on hour on reading your email and composing my reply to you. As mentioned previously, in order to ensure that our email exchanges remain completely confidential, it is best to send your messages via ProtonMail. This is a fully encrypted secure web-mail service that is available free of charge    Setting up a free ProtonMail account is very easy and only takes a few minutes. Please note that exchanging our counselling emails via an encrypted service is intended comply with the BACP's guidelines for online counselling. The alternative is a bit more cumbersome if you wish to use your regular email service - you will need to create a document in Word to contain the issues, thoughts and feelings that you are wanting to share with me, this document should then be password protected and sent as an attachment to your email. You should then send me the password in a separate email.