Anxiety and Stress


Life is difficult at times - it can get hard to juggle all the things you need to deal with and sometimes you end up feeling like it is all too much. Getting stressed or burnt out can creep up on you without you realising it.

It is at these times that we find ourselves saying or thinking things like this:

  •  “My mind just churns over and over and I can’t stop the constant stream of thoughts”
  • “I cant get off to sleep and when I finally do I don't sleep until morning.  I often wake up with a feeling of dread in the early hours that I can't explain”
  •  "I've found that I am really irritable with the people I love as well as people at work ... I end up being sarcastic or just downright agressive and afterwards I feel doubly bad"
  • “I keep thinking about whether I am a good enough Mum and trying to figure out how I can do more for my kids.”
  •  "I've always tried to do well at work whatever task I am doing but lately I have to keep going over and over things to make sure they are perfect and that means everything takes me three times as long as it used to.  I'm afraid I will be told my work isn't good enough but I'm also afraid my boss will sack me for taking so long"
  • "When I see other people's photos on Facebook I get convinced that their lives are more interesting than mine and end up feeling that my life is really shabby and that I should be better than I am.  If I don't get many "likes" on things that I post it confirms my worst fears that I am a bit of a loser"

Is any of this familiar?  Do you have similar thoughts that go around your head? Maybe you consider yourself just a bit of a worrier?  Perhaps you find yourself replaying recent events thinking about how you would have done it "better"?  Or could it be that you are the kind of person that spends more time thinking about things going badly in the future?

However it goes, the bottom line is that you end up feeling wrung out or strung out often with a selection of physical symptoms like feeling breathless, panicky, lump in the throat or dry mouth, palpitations, upset guts, unable to concentrate on things you used to enjoy, tinnitus, tension and more besides. Anxiety treatment can help. You don't have to continue to feel like this.

Together we start to tease apart the emotional and the practical concerns you may have so that you get clearer about what may be driving the stress or anxiety.  Therapy teaches you more about the way that you react to stress and helps you identify resources you already have and develop extra resources you may need.  You'll learn practical strategies that you can use to stop getting caught in the cycle of anxiety and stress.