Jane Earle Therapy and Couple Counselling Online Sessions Via Video Conference, Email and IM

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Individual Counselling

Have you hit a patch where you feel you just aren't coping and you feel stressed all the time? Are you right in the middle of a mid-life crisis?  Has anxiety or depression got you in its grip? Perhaps you've lost your job, your health or a loved one you weren't expecting to lose?


Couples / Relationship Counselling

Are you trying to recover and repair things after betrayal or an affair?  Maybe its like living with a stranger or a sibling? Perhaps you've started arguing all the time and it's all just too exhausting? Or are you in the middle of power struggles or money issues that just don't get resolved? 


IBS /IBD Management

IBS / IBD interfering with your enjoyment of life?   Fed up with chronic pain, bloating or cramping?   Diet's become so restricted that mealtimes are a chore? Do you feel self-conscious about tummy rumbles? Do you find yourself worrying about getting caught short when you're out?